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    • Mark M

      Weekly board gaming events

      Hi guys. While we wait out COVID19 and normal functioning of pubs and other venues, I'm starting a weekly board games event at my place for people I know. I encourage others who wish to to use this site to organise similar small events at home or at cafes and pubs where practical.

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      • Mark M

        Come and play board games at Marks

        While we wait out the COVID19 storm and pub restrictions, I'm organising some regular small board games events at my place for people I know. Bring food for the BBQ and your games. We'll eat then play! Maximum of six people (including myself).

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      • Capital Board Games

        Capital Board Games

        ...e fun, play games. We will have events to cater to all gaming interests. IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to current COVID19 restrictions, our regular Boardgames in the Pu...

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