COVID19 Contactless Check-in app

COVID19 Contactless Check-in app

The Contactless Check-in app from Canberra Social Network provides your customers with a contactless method to check-in to your venue for the purpose of COVID19 social tracing.

No pens, clipboards, paper sheets or other materials. Your guests scan a printed QR code with their phone and a mobile optimised page opens where they can enter their name and phone number.

Once their information is submitted, a confirmation page is clearly displayed on their screen which you can easily verify.

We securely transmit then store your guests data on our dedicated, backup secured server in Sydney where it is held for fourteen days.

In the event that a health department or other competent government agency asks for your social contact data, we can quickly provide a comma seperated value file with your guests check-in names and phone numbers.

The Contactless Check-in app from Canberra Social Network takes the hassle out of complying with social tracing requirements and gives your customers a hygenic and fast check-in experience.

Getting Started

Visit our host registration page to begin the journey to Contactless Checkin.

Technical Support

Please take a look at the posts in this group which explain how to use the app and register your venue as a host.

If none of these answer your question then please create a new Group discussion using the group menu and provide as much information as possible.

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      Everything you need to know about how COVID19 Contactless Check-in from Canberra Social Network works.
      • Mark M

        Why use COVID19 Contactless Check-in?

        Venues across Australia are increasingly using COVID19 guest registers for the safety of their customers and to comply with contact tracing requirements being implemented by some state and territory governments. The COVID19 Contactless Check-in...

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