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  • Canberra Social Club

    Canberra Social Club

    2 members
    A social club for Canberrans with a focus on group activities.
  • Canberra Notice Board

    Canberra Notice Board

    1 members
    General Canberra chat and advertise your business.
  • COVID19 Contactless Check-in app

    COVID19 Contactless Check-in app

    1 members
    Open group for the COVID19 Contactless Check-in app from Canberra Social Network.
  • Canberra Motorcycle Riding and Touring Club

    Canberra Motorcycle Riding and Touring Club

    5 members
    Looking for motorbike enthusiasts based in the ACT and nearby for day rides and weekend tours.
  • Capital Board Games

    Capital Board Games

    6 members
    Playing board games (and games without boards!). From classic games like chess and backgammon to modern board and card games. Meet people, have fun, play games. We will have events to cater to all gaming interests.

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