Sunday, October 25 2020
15:00 to 17:00

Hey – you gotta clean it at some stage. You get fungal infections if you don’t.

Bring the materials and methods and apply a bit of elbow grease and get that baby sorted.

Clean your bike in the carpark behind Guns and Hoses followed by a lazy counter meal about 5ish.

Capital Riders will try to have someone with a reasonably good toolbox if you want to add that accessory or do that thing you have been going to do for the last 3 summers.

But please try and bring your own tools for any maintenance you want to do. Capital Riders will try to maintain the presence of at least one person with delusions that they know what they are talking about as far as maintenance stuff goes.

No dropping oil or oil filters or anything that will create a mess cos that will force the group to have to suck up to the owners of Guns and Hoses. No major surgery that will leave you stuck in a carpark at midnight cos that will make the rest of us feel guilty.

If you do want to change your oil get in contact with the organiser and we will try to work out something off to the side or maybe another event if we can find someone who has a workshop and doesn’t mind half a dozen strangers milling aroundin their garage.

Other than that – come along and go for it.

Contact persons

Guns and Hoses - 155 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan
Crawford Street, Queanbeyan, AustraliaPlan my route