Why use Canberra Social Network?

Here are a few reasons why you might consider using Canberra Social Network as an alternative to large corporate-owned social media sites:


  1. We respect your privacy. Canberra Social Network will NEVER sell your data. You can also choose who will see your post by making it private.
  2. We respect your freedom of speech. We think that freedom of speech is vital to a healthy democracy so will not ban or censor you for expressing unpopular opinions. We only prohibit harassment and trolling.
  3. We respect your right not to be harassed. Facebook and other large websites often protect online bullies and trolls while censoring individuals with "incorrect" opinions. That won't happen here. It's the bullies and trolls that will get banned. 
  4. We're focused on the Australian community. Our servers are in Australia and comply with Australian privacy and content laws.