How does it work?

    Mark M

    COVID19 Contactless Check-in application is a web application running on our secure server located in Sydney, Australia.

    Using the Contactless Check-in website, guests to your business or other premises will be promoted to enter their name and phone number. This is then stored along with the date and time of check-in in our secure database.

    If you are ever asked for your COVID19 contact tracing data by an Australian government authority, you can request your contact tracing data which will then be provided to the relevant government agency.

    How do my customers check-in? Do they have to enter some long web address on their phone?

    We make it easy by giving you a check-in request notice which you can print out and display in your premises. We provide you with both PDF and Word versions so you can edit the layout if you want. The important thing is to not change the QR code in any way because this is how your guests will open the app.

    Here's a sample of what the check-in notice looks like. Try scanning the QR code with your phone.

    A screenshot of the Test Site check-in notice.

    Once your customer scans the QR code, their browser will open prompting them to enter their information.

    Screenshot 1 - The checkin page.

    The customer then enters their name and phone numbers and clicks Check In. A verification page is then displayed showing that they are checked in. That's it!

    How do I use it? What tools do I get?

    As a host, you get access to your very own host portal which gives you an aggregate reporting tool as well as a simple form where you can request access to your COVID19 contact tracing data be provided to a relevant government agency.

    Screenshot of the Host Login page.

    Okay, so how do I get started?

    Click the following link and fill out the form.

    We'll send you an email verification link. Look in your inbox for the email and following the link for instructions on logging in to the host portal where you can download your unique QR code.

    So, what does it cost?

    The COVID19 Contactless Check-in service is entirely funded through discrete advertising shown to your customers after they check-in. There is no direct cost to you either for being a subscriber to the service or for requesting your data.