Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games

So I played my first game of Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games with Andy and Seb over the weekend and I think this game is terrific.

Box shot of Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games

It's a co-op story game played with an app which I'm normally a bit hesitant about but in this case it definitely works.

How it works

At the start of the game the players choose a story to play through as well as a character to play. The host then sets up the map with the starting location of your ship and a few other items depending on chosen quest. The app then plays out a story, and this is a part I really love because it's pre-recorded audio with professional voice actors, sound effects and music.

Forgotten waters companion app
Using the free companion app to play the game

Once you've listened to the story you'll be told to turn to a particular page in the question book, which will have options for what you can do. For example, if you're in port, you'll turn to the page dealing with being in port and each player has a short time to choose what they will do. For example, you can go to the markets or fix the ship or speak to the captain. Once all players have chosen an action you'll then resolve those actions, some of which may determine dice rolling.

At the end of each round, the player with the highest infamy will usually get to chose what to do next, such as setting sail for another location or embarking on some quest.

Play continues until the group successfully completes the story or triggers one of several end-game conditions such as running out of hull points or crew.

Forgotten waters quest book.
The quest book from Forgotten Waters showing some of the excellent art work.


I absolutely love this game. It's a lot of fun and if you enjoy thematic, story based games then I think you'll really enjoy this. The voice acting is great and slightly tongue-in-cheek and the artwork in the quest book is great. You also get to level up your pirate throughout the course of the game, and your personal story outcome is determined by how well you do at gaining your skills. I thought the map board with your little ship could have been better but this didn't distract from the fun of the game.

On the hand, for lovers of deep strategy and Euro games this is NOT the game for you as Forgotten Waters is definitely more on the social gaming side.

I would definitely recommend the use of a Bluetooth speaker to maximise your enjoyment of the audio component of the game, however the app also has text which one of you can read out if you don't want to play the audio.