Why use COVID19 Contactless Check-in?

    Mark M

    Venues across Australia are increasingly using COVID19 guest registers for the safety of their customers and to comply with contact tracing requirements being implemented by some state and territory governments.

    The COVID19 Contactless Check-in app from Canberra Social Network takes this one step further by giving your customers a contactless method to check in using their own mobile device.

    Screenshot 1 - The checkin page.

    What are the benefits for your customers?

    • Check in to your venue without touching pens, paper, clip boards, greasy iPad screens and so on.
    • It's better for hygene and your customers are more likely to use it.
    • Information is stored securely and only released on request of a government agency.

    What are the benefits for business owners?

    • Easily fulfil your COVID19 contact tracing obligations without messing around with paper records. We securely store the information for you on our Australian server.
    • Easily access your contact tracing data in the event of a request by an Australian government authority.
    • A host portal where you can view aggregate check-in data.
    • Easy to get set up. Once you register your venue, we'll send you check-in notices to print out. You also receive a site key to log in to your host portal.
    • No cost to you. The service is entirely funded through discrete advertising.

    Okay, so how does it work?

    Go to our next article, "How does it work?" for more information.